v2.06 (25/04/2021)
- Evaluator "Stay logged in" now working correctly
- Fixed a bug where sometimes logging out would go to the incorrect page or sometimes give an error
- Fixed incorrect heading text for Problem 1 (this was showing 2020's topic instead of 2021)
- Implemented new forums for the evaluators

v1.20 (27/02/2020)
- Updated the look of the "School Home Page" with a cleaner look and new buttons
- Updated the pages to reflect the 2020 FPSNZ year and topics
- Added the ability to login with a schools email address instead of their username
- Added the ability to see teams from previous years
- Added the ability to see scoresheets from previous years
- Added a register button to the team and coach list
- Added the ability to delete and edit coaches
- Added a new settings page where a school can update or change their details
- Schools can now change their password and username in the settings page
- Added a new register form for schools that have competed in previous years

v1.12 (05/04/2019)
- Fixed a bug that sends a completed hand-written submission to the online booklet incorrectly

v1.11 (04/04/2019)
- When registering a new team/individual a warning will show if the username already exists
- When registering a school a warning will show if the school has already been registered previously

v1.10 (29/03/2019)
- Consolidated the team and indivdiuals buttons on the school home page
- Added buttons to register and view coaches
- Registering a team or an individual is now done on the same page
- Schools can switch between the team and individual registration by clicking on the appropriate button
- Teams and individual views have been combined into one page for easier viewing
- Schools can now directly login to a team or individual from the view teams page

v1.04 (26/03/2019)
- Schools can now edit teams by clicking on the "Edit" button under "View Existing Teams"
- Schools can now delete teams by clicking on the "Delete" button under "View Existing Teams"

v1.03 (19/03/2019)
- Added a line in the school register to remind schools to keep their usenames and passwords safe
- Changed "Student Login Page" to "Team/Individual Student Login Page" to make it a bit more clearer
- Fixed an incorrect link that shows the list of teams under the schools login
- Fixed an error that was causing some challenges to not correctly save the entered text

v1.02 (11/03/2019)
- Asthetic changes for the "Team Login" page that makes a bigger distinction between online and hand-written booklets
- When you have submitted either an online or hand-written booklet, the other button will dissapear

v1.01 (09/03/2019)
- Fixed a bug that was causing the coach register to show the incorrect information after clicking submit

v1.00 (05/03/2019)
- Initial release version of "FPSNZ Online Booklet" website
- Fixed incorrect link that sends "Individual Register" to "Team Register" on the completed register page
- Fixed a bug causing the team members year levels to not display correctly
- Fixed incorrect "Individual Junior Future Scene" appearing on "Individual Middle Booklet"

v0.90 (04/03/2019)
- Asthetic changes on Student and School login pages
- Added a link between Student and School login pages for easier access
- Fixed major bug that was causing Steps 11-16 to not save correctly

v0.80 (02/03/2019)
- Minor bug fixes

v0.75 (28/02/2019)
- Changed "Challenges" and "Solutions" boxes to have 750 maximum character limit
- Changed the sizes of "Challenges" and "Solutions" to bet fit the new reduced size
- Fixed the navigation bar on the student pages. It now displays the correct links
- Removed incorrect lines from the "UP" and "Solution" tabs
- Added the navigation bar to the online booklets
- General asthetic fixes/changes
- Minor bug fixes

v0.50 (16/02/2019)
- Initial pre-release for testing purposes